The Music Program

The Music Program is home to more than 600 students engaged in concert band, orchestra, choir, and chamber music ensembles. While meaningful and lasting education is at the core of the program, more than a dozen in-school and community performances are given each year.

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About Van Tech

Vancouver Technical Secondary School, on Vancouver’s culturally rich East side, is a comprehensive high school offering a broad range of academic, arts, and technical studies programs. The school has held a special place in the community since 1928.


Program Philosophy

The Van Tech Music Program builds on the belief that all students possess both the capacity and desire to express themselves creatively as individuals and as a community. The fundamental principle of music at Van Tech does not seek to produce a collection of virtuoso musicians, but to help prepare students to be educated consumers of music in their youth and adult lives. The following excerpt from the Ministry of Education details the commitment expected from each student:

        To honour the commitment to yourself, and your fellow musicians, by being prepared for for each rehearsals by making every effort to contribute the pursuit of musical excellence

Students will make progress with consistent and quality home practice, a co-operative and willing attitude in class rehearsals, and a comfort to ask for assistance when needed. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. If students have questions, the teachers are always available to answer them and offer some help. In class rehearsals, the teacher-conductor will demand nothing less than a commitment to improvement.


The TECH MUSIC PARENTS’ ORGANIZATION is an important component of the community that surrounds and supports various learning experiences for students. To get involved, please contact Amanda Kilburn, Director of Bands and Orchestra.